CHEERS is dedicated to the general well-being of harbor seals and to vigorous enforcement of applicable law for their protection. Alerts will be posted here of documented instances of continued disturbance or threats to harbor seal safety and habitat; Cheers will be posted when new efforts have been made to extend protection.
updated 3.23.14

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THREE CHEERS!!!   [11-29-12]

One CHEER for US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, for his bold, wise, and thoughtful decision in upholding the long-anticipated return of Drake's Estero as an unspoiled wilderness on the coast of California.

A second CHEER for the field staff, wildlife biologists, and citizen-scientists of Pt. Reyes National Seashore, who provided clear and compelling evidence supporting the decision.

A third CHEER for the harbor seals of the Estero, who will soon be able to rest, feed, and breed without unwarranted disturbance.

The largest Harbor seal nursery, pupping and haulout area on Pacific Coast

"Finally, a protected wilderness!" [ info ] [ enlarge ] more images ]

To see the full story behind this achievement, see our previous ALERT and CHEER
Read the complete text of Secretary Salazar's decision (4.6 Mb PDF)
DOI Decision UPHELD!   [9-3-13]
The 9th Circuit Federal Court panel has UPHELD Secretary Salazar's decision on lapsing the oyster farm lease in Drake's Estero. Read the complete text (pdf)
Panel Decision UPHELD!   [1-14-14]
The full 9th Circuit Federal Court has REFUSED to rehear the Drake's Bay case - the Interior Secretary's decision stands! Read the complete text (pdf)